Monteverde USA The First Step Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Monteverde USA The First Step Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Nib Options:
Broad - MV45681, Fine MV45682, Medium MV45683, Stub - MV45684, Extra Fine - MV45687

We are dedicating this reverse painting to the 50th anniversary miracle event that took Apollo 11 to the Moon on July 20th 1969.

Introducing the Monteverde USA First Step.

Our first steps represent the start of a series of milestones in life. Whether we are commemorating new skills, graduations, commitments, career changes, birth, or the purchase of a new home… Each step we take illustrates the unknown being conquered.

The first step on the Moon was more than just an achievement for space exploration, but a defining moment in an “anything is possible” philosophy. The historical event serves as a constant reminder that we should break free of our comfort zones and explore every opportunity – especially the ones we must strive for, and ultimately create for ourselves.

First Step is a Limited Edition run of only 888 fountain pens and 888 inkball pens and comes in a limited edition luxury box along with special 30ml ink marking the occasion.