Monteverde USA Rodeo Drive Polaris Fountain Pen

Monteverde USA Rodeo Drive Polaris Fountain Pen

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The latest from Monteverde USA® has just arrived: the Polaris™, a stunning fine writing instrument created to be as unique and colorful as the stars that walk the famous Beverly Hills strip.

By using multicolored prismatic plating along the length of the barrel and cap, this captivating writing instrument displays an eye-catching mix of metallic hues reminiscent of the night sky. Whether it be blue, purple, green or gold, each Polaris™ is truly exceptionable, the colors blending and changing as the pen is rotated or in use. Crafted from brass and enhanced with highly-polished black plated trim, each pen is accentuated with a brilliant line cut cap, creating a captivating and colorful writing instrument that is sure to please.

With each Polaris designed to be as transformative as the biggest and brightest stars, you’ll never be lost for words again with this extraordinary writing instrument.

This unique finish is available in ballpoint or fountain pen. The fountain pen’s flexible stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium, broad and stub sizes and accepts ink cartridges or ink converter (included). Fountain pen fills with Monteverde USA® standard international G3 ink cartridges;  ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills.

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