Monteverde USA® MVP Fountain Pen Blue Squares

Monteverde USA® MVP Fountain Pen Blue Squares (eyedropper, cartridge)


MVP by Monteverde USA®

An Intersection Where Innovation, Quality And Design Integrity Meet
Introducing a new Monteverde USA® Collection of three fountain pens which were
inspired by modern art and its minimalist movement. The color selection of the unique
resins were created by mixing a multitude of colors to focus on the architectural shapes
which create a vivid and energizing effect.
The MVP (Monteverde Pocket Pen) is highly versatile and a perfect match to a jean's
pocket, a purse, an agenda or a desk.
Being miniature in size the MVP fountain pen uses reliable international cartridges and
plus as a bonus it is also an eyedropper pen. Included with the pen is an eyedropper for
filling system (5 ml pipet). The benefit of filling the barrel via eyedropper/pipet is an extra
ink capacity that prolongs the duration of writing.
Each Monteverde USA® MVP pen is packaged in a beautiful gift box with an original
artwork sleeve.

1. Three distinctive colors: Blue Squares, Red Puzzles, Green Abstracts.
2. Accents: chrome clip and nib.
3. Size: When capped 10.2 cm - 4.02 in. When posted 13.7 cm 5.39 in.
4. Cap threads for posting align clip and nib in the same direction.
5. Barrel ink capacity: 2.5 ml