Monteverde USA® Monza ID Calligraphy Set

Monteverde USA® Monza ID Calligraphy Set


Monteverde USA® is adored for its variety, integrity, and affordability. We offer stunning designs and quality craftsmanship usually reserved for more expensive writing instruments. The Monteverde USA® Monza™ ID Crystal Clear Calligraphy Set, the very first of its kind, is no exception. Featuring a modern, eye-catching design with highly-adorned opulent chrome accents inside and out, this lightweight writing instrument is sure to please. The transparent demonstrator polished body shows off the pens inner workings, catching the light and allowing your ink to shine. The pen has a threaded cap that unscrews and can post at the end of the barrel of the pen. The pens use standard international ink cartridges or a converter (included). Plus as a bonus it is also an eyedropper pen. Straight forward and easy to fill. The barrel holds 3 ml of ink that will keep you writing for a long time. Comfortable in hand, this pen is best suited for calligraphy writing or drawing and is great for fountain pen enthusiasts.

Tip Sizes are 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm

(All included in the box)

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