The Monteverde® Regatta Sport™ features black trim and black carbon fiber bands between segments of matte black, gun metal or brass celebrates the sporty style of sailors. Innovation comes with the new magnetic closure for both capping and posting the fountain and rollerball pens. The weight and balance of this collection creates supreme writing performance.

Fountain pen fills with Monteverde® standard international G3 ink cartridges or piston ink converter (included).The flexible stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium, broad and stub sizes. Ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills and the capped rollerball accepts the G2 and W2 refills.

Blue - Ballpoint MV32355 (US retail price)$80

Blue - Rollerball MV32356 (US retail price)$90

Blue - Fountain MV32350 (US retail price)$95

Red - Ballpoint MV32365 (US retail price)$80

Red - Rollerball MV32366 (US retail price)$90

Red - Fountain MV32360 (US retail price)$95

Fuchsia - Ballpoint MV32375 (US retail price)$80

Fuchsia - Rollerball MV32376 (US retail price)$90

Fuchsia - Fountain MV32370 (US retail price)$95

Full Carbon Fiber - Ballpoint MV41595 (US retail price)$110

Full Carbon Fiber - Rollerball MV41596 (US retail price)$120

Full Carbon Fiber - Fountain MV41590 (US retail price)$135


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