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Monteverde USA - A World of Luxury and InnovationDistributed By Yafa
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Monteverde pays tribute to one of the greatest images in nature.   Artists and poets have celebrated the Tiger for its power, its beauty, and its unique ability to adapt and to overcome just about anything.  The Tiger is revered for its awesome power, it’s dignity, and it’s steadfast ability to hunt, stalk, and overpower its prey. 

There are five different types of living tigers today; the Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, the South-China Tiger, the Indo-Chinese Tiger, and the Sumatran Tiger.

Your pen celebrates the Panthera Tigris Amoyensi; also known as the Chinese, Amoy, or Xiamen tiger, The South China tiger is considered to be the “stem” tiger, the subspecies from which all other tigers evolved. It is one of the most endangered animals on earth.  You can enjoy this magnificent creature as easily as picking up your pen.

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