In 1703, a new art form emerged in China known as inside (reverse) painting. Clear glass snuff bottles were hand painted from the inside out.  The process is like microsurgery combined with extremely fine artwork but the hand painting is done in reverse.  These have always been prized among museums and the World’s elite. 

After many years of trial and error, Southern California based, Monteverde® brings the process to their latest series of limited edition pens.  Monteverde’s® original art is hand-painted on the inside of special, hand-made clear acrylic resins.  The process is called, Nabu™.

If there is one word to describe the Nabu™, Painting Inside process, it is “hand-made”.  Before the first stroke of paint is applied, a specially designed brush is hand crafted from natural and man-made materials. The brush maker starts with a copper rod that is hand tapered to a long point. The thin point is then shaped into a small loop. A given number of hairs from a wolf or a sheep are then placed into the loop. The natural bristles are permanently held in place by melting a hardened piece of pine wax onto the brush. The brush is then hand trimmed to the desired length and thickness. The result is a finely crafted miniature paintbrush with its bristles perpendicular to the handle.

The meticulous work is completely done by hand.  Highly gifted artists may take weeks to complete each Nabu™ pen.  Since the painting is completely done by hand, no two pens are exactly alike.