Never be caught rifling through drawers and pockets for a pen again! The Luna Desk pen stands tall and proud, ready to write at a moments notice. Made from solid brass, the heavy weight base will stay put and keep your pen handy at all times. Luna is available in two smooth writing modes: A fluid rollerball or fountain pen available in 5-point sizes! (EF, F, M, B, 1.1 Stub) The fountain pen fills via standard cartridge/converter and the rollerball fills with standard G2 refills. Choose red or black polished lacquer. Presented in luxurious gift box.

Available in either:

Red - Rollerball MV35535 (US retail price) $50

Red - Fountain Pen MV35530 (US retail price) $60

Available in either:

Black - Rollerball MV35545 (US retail price) $50

Black - Fountain Pen MV35540 (US retail price) $60

Available in either:

Chrome - Rollerball MV35595 (US retail price) $50

Chrome - Fountain Pen MV35590 (US retail price) $60

Available in either:

Chrome/Black - Rollerball MV35605 (US retail price) $50

Chrome/Black - Fountain Pen MV35600 (US retail price) $60

Available in either:

Black/Red - Rollerball MV35615 (US retail price) $50

Black/Red - Fountain Pen MV35610 (US retail price) $60

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