The Limonada™ has a clean elegant style that brings a youthful flair to this new design. The flexible spring steel clip is gracefully curved, with a central cut-out design that allows the bright colors to shine through, while ensuring that the pen sits low in the shirt pocket. Available in a choice of three writing modes, our designers have created the barrels and gripping section with a contoured shape to enhance the joy of writing. Whether you chose our Tivoli Yellow, Torino Red, Capri Blue, Milano Black or Roma Gold, the sleek design of the Limonada™ makes for the perfect choice in an everyday fine writing instrument for the fashion conscious. The robust construction and reliable engineering make the Limonada™ a smart pick as well as a stylish one! The Limonada™ is available as a traditional Fountain Pen, Rollerball, or twist action Ballpoint Pen. Each Limonada™ is packaged in a presentation box.
Nib sizes available: EXTRA FINE (0.2-0.3mm), FINE(0.5mm), MEDIUM(0.7mm), BROAD(1mm), STUB (1.1mm).

Milano Black - Ballpoint MV41445 (US retail price)$30

Milano Black - Rollerball MV41446 (US retail price)$35

Milano Black - Fountain Pen MV41440 (US retail price)$40

Capri Blue - Ballpoint MV41435 (US retail price)$30

Capri Blue - Rollerball MV41436 (US retail price)$35

Capri Blue - Fountain Pen MV41430 (US retail price)$40

Roma Gold - Ballpoint MV41465 (US retail price)$30

Roma Gold - Rollerball MV41466 (US retail price)$35

Roma Gold - Fountain Pen MV41460 (US retail price)$40

Torino Red - Ballpoint MV41475 (US retail price)$30

Torino Red - Rollerball MV41476 (US retail price)$35

Torino Red - Fountain Pen MV41470 (US retail price)$40

Tivoli Yellow - Ballpoint MV41455 (US retail price)$30

Tivoli Yellow- Rollerball MV41456 (US retail price)$35

Tivoli Yellow- Fountain Pen MV41450 (US retail price)$40

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