Carbon Fiber

Uncluttered by bold colors, the Monteverde® Invincia™ emphasizes contrast and simplicity. Straight forward and always classic, the Invincia™ ballpoint pen, rollerball and fountain pens will compliment all fashions, styles and trends to come. The Invincia™ fountain pen’s flexible stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium, broad and stub sizes and accepts ink cartridges or ink converter.Fountain pen fills with Monteverde® standard international G3 ink cartridges or piston ink converter (included).The flexible stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium, broad and stub sizes. Ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills and the capped rollerball accepts the G2 and W2 refills.

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NEW Coming Soon Brass - Ballpoint MV42505 (US retail price)$80

NEW Coming Soon Brass - Rollerball MV42506 (US retail price)$90

NEW Coming Soon Brass - Fountain Pen MV42500 (US retail price)$100

Blue Anodized - Ballpoint MV41525 (US retail price)$95

Blue Anodized - Fountain MV41520 (US retail price)$110

Lime Green - Ballpoint MV41505 (US retail price)$95

Lime Green - Fountain MV41500 (US retail price)$110

Orange - Ballpoint MV41515 (US retail price)$95

Orange - Fountain MV41510 (US retail price)$110

Rose Gold - Ballpoint MV40060 (US retail price)$95

Rose Gold - Rollerball MV40061 (US retail price)$105

Rose Gold - Fountain MV40060 (US retail price)$110

Chrome - Ballpoint MV40063 (US retail price)$95

Chrome - Rollerball MV40064 (US retail price)$105

Chrome - Fountain MV40060 (US retail price)$110

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