Anodized Carbon Fiber

The Invincia Anodized series is remarkable achievement of unmatched sophistication and technology driven design. The genuine carbon fiber barrel is paired with a stunning new blue anodized aluminum cap, trimmed in black, making it the perfect accessory for the modern executive. The capped fountain pen features Monteverde’s classic black nib available in four smooth writing grades. (F,M,B, 1.1mm Stub) The twist action ballpoint features Monteverde’s Soft Roll™ refill, for smooth, long lasting writing in a wide array of colors and point sizes.

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Blue Anodized - Ballpoint MV41525 (US retail price)$95

Blue Anodized - Fountain MV41520 (US retail price)$110

Orange - Ballpoint MV41515 (US retail price)$95

Orange - Fountain MV41510 (US retail price)$110


Lime Green - Ballpoint MV41505 (US retail price)$95

Lime Green - Fountain MV41500 (US retail price)$110

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