The modern design starts at the top of the cap with a perfect square which then effortlessly transitions into the round barrel. The sleek clip also starts at the top of the cap with a spring action that makes for smooth placement and removal from the pocket. 
The classic Black is available with either Chrome Trim or Rose Gold Trim. The Gun Metal has striking metallic red trim and the Pearl Silver is paired with a metallic blue. Mode choices are Ballpoint, Rollerball or Fountain Pen with a large flexible nib either in Fine, Medium, Broad or Stub. 

Fountain pen fills with Monteverde® standard international G3 ink cartridges or piston ink converter (included).The flexible stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium, broad and stub sizes. Ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills and the capped rollerball accepts the G2 and W2 refills.

Blue With Blue Trim - Ballpoint MV29905 (US retail price)$40

Blue With Blue Trim - Rollerball MV29906 (US retail price)$45

Blue With Blue Trim - Fountain MV29900 (US retail price)$55

Gun Metal Red - Ballpoint MV29875 (US retail price)$40

Gun Metal Red- Rollerball MV29876 (US retail price)$45

Gun Metal Red- Fountain MV29870 (US retail price)$55

Black/Rose Gold - Ballpoint MV29865 (US retail price)$40

Black/Rose Gold- Rollerball MV29866 (US retail price)$45

Black/Rose Gold- Fountain MV29860 (US retail price)$55


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